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I believe that you need the correct voice for your business. If you need a voice for a commercial or just for your answering system I have the voice for you. Your customers need to hear a good strong pleasant voice when calling you. The same is true in your advertising. We all know that TV & radio commercial can sometimes be annoying. But with the right voice can transform it in to something that will catch the audience’s attention.


voiceover by JimHi Jim Olson here, aka Voiceover By Jim. Being born in Los Angeles I had the radio and TV industry to influence me without even knowing it. As a teenager, I remember calling KRLA radio and the DJ (Robert W. Morgan) put me on the air and “Morganized” me. That was the era of the “Boss Jocks”. In the 1989 a new station came on the scene, Pirate Radio 100.3 FM. I would call Scott Shannon (DJ & owner) from my car through my ham radio autopatch and got to be known as Crazy Jim in the mobile. I called many times with funny little things that he would put on the air.

I also volunteered 20 yrs for U.S. Air Force MARS (MILITARY AFFILIATE RADIO SYSTEM) handling messages, phone patching to the troops overseas and setting up radio comm at crash sites for Nellis AFB. I have been licensed by the FCC for over 30 years now as an Amateur Radio operator.

I have been told, by many people including complete strangers, that I have a voice that should be on the radio or doing Voiceover. Even my children at a very young age said that. I’ve also been told by my friends that they wish I was on the radio so they could turn me off… just kidding. So I decided then,  to pursue the endeavor of Voiceover service. To date, I’ve done Voiceovers for a local TV station here in Chico, CA, where I now live.